Fashion Finds: Spring REDecorating

There’s something about springtime that makes me want to have a yard sale, buy new furniture, redecorate my house, and get a new haircut (I’ve come to the sad realization that I just can’t pull off bangs).

If you’re also feeling like your house (and hair?) could use some lovin’, here are some tips on how to redecorate this spring in Red Cross-style.

These 1956 vintage Red Cross safety guides would look oh-so-adorable stacked up on a bookshelf. Although stylish, the info inside is outdated; we suggest learning current life-saving techniques by taking a Red Cross class.

Like the safety guides, this vintage life preserver is cute, but totally useless in the life-saving department. Best to hang it on the wall and leave it there.

Put this blood-splattered trivet in your kitchen, and someone might think you’ve chopped off part of your finger while slicing up an avocado. You should probably study up on Red Cross First Aid techniques just in case.

Fact: anything with a dog on it is cute. Just look at the Alsatian dog on these coasters inspired by a Red Cross WWI vintage poster. During WWI, this doggy was used to help inspire the public to donate money to the Red Cross. Now he’ll also keep your friends from leaving rings on your coffee table (rude!).
Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about your hair… these Red Cross vintage pin hair clips will give you that new, unique look you’re searching for.


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