Vampires Give Back

For those Twilight-fans out there, last week was pretty exciting. The fourth book, Breaking Dawn, was released near the end of 2008 and the finality of the book brought up concern that there would be no more stories with the beloved series. With the film franchise booming and Eclipse being released to theaters this summer, Stephenie Meyer has secretly been working on a new companion novel to Eclipse. She finally made the big reveal last week.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
will be released on June 5th, and present the perspective of the newborn Vampire. It will be available for free online June 7th to July 5th, building up to the film’s release. If you don’t happen to grab it when it is free, or want a retail copy, it will cost about $10. What you might not have heard about is that gray circle that appears on the cover. Stephenie Meyer has decided that $1 from each purchase will be donated to the American Red Cross! Given that the American Red Cross collects, processes, and distributes nearly half of the nations’ blood supply, the donation is definitely something vampires would approve of!