A Little Bit of History

As you know, we Cross Bloggers tend to geek out on vintage stuff – especially if it has anything to do with Red Cross history or disaster safety. So I […]

EARTH The Book The Mention

While I might not be the biggest book reader, nor am I actively politically minded, I do enjoy a funny book that pokes fun at just about everything. That is […]

Laugh…Help Save Lives.

Do you like to laugh? To answer “no” to this question would be pretty difficult. That’s why we want to promote self-described “part time novelist and full time narcissist” Robert […]

Vampires Give Back

For those Twilight-fans out there, last week was pretty exciting. The fourth book, Breaking Dawn, was released near the end of 2008 and the finality of the book brought up […]

Are You A “Complete Idiot”?

Time to snuggle up, get cozy, and read all about disasters and how to prepare for them! No one here is calling you an idiot, but “The Complete Idiot’s Guide […]

My Tribute To Reading Rainbow

In tribute to both the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and today’s cancellation of Reading Rainbow (one of the best children’s TV shows in history), I present the following book […]

The $10 Difference

Sometimes candy helps high school kids win class president…and sometimes $10 bills help volunteers exit a plane faster. After a plane crash in Manchester, UK, safety researchers attempted to recreate […]

Now You Have No Excuse Not To Read It

Speaking of survival books, guess what just came out in paperback today? One of my favorite books, The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why. I love this […]

Sharing Stories Of Survival

What goes hand in hand with disasters? Survivors. Whether it’s Pierce Brosnan and Mayor Rachel surviving the inferno of Dante’s Peak (yeah, I totally watched it last night) or the […]