A Little Bit of History

As you know, we Cross Bloggers tend to geek out on vintage stuff – especially if it has anything to do with Red Cross history or disaster safety.

So I wasn’t surprised when Lise excitedly texted me a photo of this antique book she found in a thrift store – The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Horror: The Complete Story of the Greatest of American Disasters
Plus, an apparent bonus chapter – Horrors of the Vesuvius Eruption.
Not sure why they would throw in the Mt. Vesuvius eruption (AD 79 in Italy) along with the history of a modern day American Earthquake. One of these things is not like the other…
Anyway, the Red Cross wasn’t around for the Vesuvius eruption, but we certainly were there for the 1906 earthquake. It was the biggest natural disaster we had yet responded to. If you’re interested, here’s a little history.