A Lesson From Literature

Lately, I’ve been reading a book called The Hot Zone. In this true story, epidemiologists with the US Army and the CDC race to control deadly viruses. Last night, I turned the page to an interesting quote: “chance favors the prepared mind.”

In the context of the Red Cross, this statement seems entirely appropriate. Especially with all the seismic activity lately, this line is more than just a phrase to ponder, it’s a survival technique.

Unfortunately, it often takes a large-scale event to spur governments and individuals into a preparedness mentality. By planning on the micro-level, we create empowerment towards a safer and quicker emergency response.

The Red Cross uses “The Five T’s” to follow in the event of an emergency:

1. Talk – Communicate with others on potential disasters in your area
2. Train
– Educate yourself on emergency preparedness and First Aid/CPR
3. Take stock
Build or buy a disaster supplies kit
4. Tell
– Inform others of emergency contacts, response plan and more
5. Test
– Practice your readiness on a regular basis

Click here for more information on “The Five T’s” and specific Red Cross preparedness guidelines.

Graphic courtesy of umichsph.files.wordpress.com