Youth Blood Challenges Update

Here is a quick update on the youth blood challenges

Results have been updated on the High School Challenge website! Remember, the schools with the highest percentage of blood donation within each division will take the honor of winning the traveling trophy to keep in their school for one year. Plus the winning school will get a pizza party for all those who presented to donate blood or volunteer during the competition.

In Oregon, as of earlier this week the top schools are:
Division 1 | 100-425 students – Salem Academy (19.09%)
Division 2 | 426-1000 students – Cascade High School (14.06%)
Division 3 | 1001-1630 students – Wilsonville High School (11.72%)
Division 4 | 1630+ students – Sprague High School (9.96%)

Video: West Albany High School Blood Drive Promo from 2009, Speed Dating: Blood Drive Edition

The Cesar E. Chavez National Blood Drive Challenge still has a few drives left, and have collected nearly 5,600 units of blood so far! The final drive for the campaign will actually be in Oregon, at Western Oregon University on April 30th.

The American Red Cross Campus Challenge is still live too, with Oregon State University at #5! The margin to #1 is very small.