Together We Prepare Lents

Several years back the Red Cross decided to expand our reach in the realm of neighborhood disasters. Instead of only responding to disasters we would implement a program to help neighborhoods prepare for and prevent disaster. And thus Together We Prepare Our Neighborhoods was born.

On Saturday April 17th, the attention was focused on the Lents neighborhood as dozens of canvassers met up at Lents Baptist Church and headed out to meet neighbors and help them to better prepare for disaster. The volunteers braved high winds and potential storms and included not just Red Crossers but other interested community volunteers, including members of the Zombie Squad!

The focus of the project this time was on building a 72hour kit and making a family emergency plan so our dedicated volunteers conversed with residents and gave them information and resources as well as a flashlight to help them get a 72hr kit started. In addition Red Cross will be holding several free preparedness classes in Lents, and have already been at work in the community teaching about sheltering.

By the numbers, Together We Prepare Lents:

  • visited over 800 households
  • left information and resources at 524 households
  • handed out 227 flashlights
  • Had significant conversations with 170 residents

Overall, I would say that constitutes a success! Thanks to all the donors (including Lumilite who graciously donated 900 flashlights) and volunteers who made Together We Prepare Lents a great day!!