Tune In Tomorrow!

Around preparedness circles in the northwest, we call it “The Big One.” This refers to a major earthquake (over 9.0 in magnitude) that state geologists are predicting in Oregon’s future. The Think Out Loud program through Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) will discuss this idea tomorrow morning, airing at 9am (PST).

OPB On-Air Host Emily Harris will interview with the Portland Office of Emergency Management (who we just talked to on our own radio show). Additionally, Harris will find out more on the geology of our region with Portland State professor Scott Burns.

Beyond the experts, Think Out Loud wants to hear from YOU too! Specifically, do you feel that Oregon is prepared for such a large quake? Are you curious about what steps you can take to become more prepared? Do you think “The Big One” is just a conspiracy theory? Even if you share that last opinion, OPB wants to know!

Think Out Loud’s call-in number is 888-665-5TOL (or 665-5865).

Image courtesy of thegardencoop.com