Close Out Sale for Red Cross Items!

Due to the Oregon Trail Chapter online store transitioning from the Oregon Red Cross website to the National online store, there are a few items that were developed locally that […]

The Survival Mom’s Pantry

“The Survival Mom” started a popular blog and website about being prepared for anything.  But check out her pantry, which was featured on the today show… if you look close […]

Friday Final Fotos?

Alright, that was a lame attempt at alliteration, but there are some new photo albums to check out on Flickr! KGON (92.3 FM classic rock) had an awesome and incredibly […]

Tune In Tomorrow!

Around preparedness circles in the northwest, we call it “The Big One.” This refers to a major earthquake (over 9.0 in magnitude) that state geologists are predicting in Oregon’s future. […]

iPads, Accelerometers and Empire 2.0!

Sounds intriguing, right? If you’re a fan of NPR, tech gadgets or just staying awake at the office, tune in live to our latest Ready Radio show, hosted by PDX.FM! […]

Zombies vs. Robots: Who Will Win?

Zombies or Robots? You all know our preference, but the answer of who will rule the world will be definitive at on Saturday, March 13 when Zombotica comes to Dante’s. […]

Ready Radio Reading

Podcast listeners love books. There’s got to be a study somewhere that says that. Why else would there be so many audio books and book review podcasts? On that assumption… […]

Happy Beatles Day!

9/9/09 is apparently very significant to numerologists, but I’m more excited by the double-shot of Beatles goodness today: a) The Beatles’ entire digitally remastered catalog is being released!b) The Beatles […]