Close Out Sale for Red Cross Items!

Due to the Oregon Trail Chapter online store transitioning from the Oregon Red Cross website to the National online store, there are a few items that were developed locally that we are closing out at discounts.  This is a great opportunity to buy a new disaster kit, stock one you already have, and a last chance to get the very stylish Be Ready for Anything t-shirt.  Don’t know what should be in a kit?  Click here for suggestions.

Those wishing to purchase items can contact Chuck Mabe, Oregon Territory Logistics Specialist at 503-528-5612 or

These items are “as supplies last” with the items and costs listed below:

One person 3-day disaster kit (briefcase style) on sale at $30.00
One person 3-day disaster kit (fanny pack style) on sale at $40.00
2 person 3-day disaster kit (duffle bag) on sale at $75.00
4 person 3-day disaster kit (duffle bag) on sale at $90.00
Case of emergency water (96 4 oz pouches) on sale at $15.00
Case of 20 30-day food bars (2400K) on sale at $65.00
Empty fanny bag for 3 day kits on sale for $8.00
Empty briefcase style bag on sale for $5.00 (good for lunch bag!)
Empty Red Cross duffle bag on sale for $15.00
Emergency Ponchos on sale at $1.00 EACH
Comfort kits on sale at $1.00
2.5 gal collapsible water jugs on sale at $2.50
Thermal blankets on sale at $1.00
Light sticks (one time use) on sale at $1.00
Pocket Warmers pair on sale at $0.75
Basic AM/FM pocket radio on sale at $5.00
Deck of playing cards on sale at $0.50
Toothpaste/brush on sale at $0.25
¼’ nylon cord/Rope (rolls) on sale at $3.00
4 pack crayons on sale at $0.25 (coloring books also available)

Red Cross Whistles on sale at $1.00
Moist towelettes (1000 to a case) on sale at $20 a case
Medium Solar radio on sale at $45.00
Large solar radio on sale at $55.00
Small solar radio on sale at $28.00
3-story fire ladder 20’ on sale at $115.00
2-story fire escape ladder 12’ on sale at $80
Highway safety kit was on sale at $26.00
Red Cross Back Pack on sale at $15.00
Waterproof matches on sale at $.30
Hiking/camping/back pack Toilet Tissue on sale at $.45
Screw top storage/pill/ointment bottles on sale at $.30
Vinyl snap top pouches on sale at $.25 (inside size 10″ X 5″ X 1″)
Safety scissors on sale at $.80
N-95 dust masks on sale at $.50
Multi-tool on sale at $3.75
200 hour red LED glowstick on sale at $3.00
Basic Flashlight on sale at $1.50
4-in-1 tool on sale at $8.00
All sizes that are available of the Red Cross – Be Ready for Anything black t-shirt on sale at $8.00

***Items may differ from the National online store and the picture shown.


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