First-aid for when you are LOST

If you don’t know, I am a huge fan of the TV show LOST! The finale airs Sunday, and with the show ending props are being sold off at auction.

One of the auction items is a DHARMA First-Aid Material lot. The DHARMA Initiative maintained several research facilities to study the LOST islands’ unique properties. Check-out this description;

Although the Staff Station is the one dedicated to medical research, each DHARMA Initiative station apparently has its own first aid supplies, including gauze sponges, bottle of aspirin, bottle of rubbing alcohol, and two bottles of chloroform. Each item here–with exception to the gauze sponges and one of the chloroform bottles, both have the Pearl Station logo–features the Swan logo, indicating that they are from that particular station.

A few of these items I can understand, but two bottles of chloroform? No wonder they have trouble on the island when they are supplied with so much anesthetic.

If you want a first-aid kit not used for drugging islanders and dramatic tension, with a much cheaper price, I would suggest checking out the Oregon Red Cross Online Store’s FIRESALE. The sale includes many large kits perfect for your isolated research stations’ needs!

When you think of FIRESALE, just think of the Flame Station. AND supply drops from the Red Cross don’t require a hostile-free environment…

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