Bringing New Meaning To “Pool Shark”

To kids around the country Memorial Day Weekend means one thing… THE POOLS ARE OPEN! YAAAY!

But these young filmmakers want to bring your attention to a little known pool danger: the pool shark.
Okay, so maybe pool sharks aren’t real. But we can train you to respond to real dangers – wherever you are this weekend. Did you know you can learn compression-only CPR on YouTube, or get your full CPR certification online?* It’s true!
So whether your swimming, barbecuing, or taking a CPR class (hey it’s some people’s idea of a good time) have a fun – and safe – weekend!
*With a brief in-person test to make sure you can actually perform the skills.

One thought on “Bringing New Meaning To “Pool Shark”

  • I got caught before I could watch the whole video (my parents aren't too fond of YouTube!) but from what I saw of it, it's better than what my eighth-grade media arts class could whip up. XD

    PS CPR class is certainly my idea of a good time. 😛

    PPS Pools have nothing on Cleawox Lake. Except maybe a lack of pine needles.

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