The Large Red (Cross) Double Decker Bus

This blog occasionally talks about how the Red Cross as a lifestyle isn’t only about the life saving, yet also about style. When people think of the United Kingdom, one of the first stylistic images tends to be large red double decker buses. The British Red Cross decided to apply their Red Cross style to one of the buses.

The Big Red Cross Bus is the worlds’ first all-in-one thrift shop and volunteer information center squeezed into a double decker bus. The bus is a solution to two problems they have been having; their Red Cross thrift shops facing increasing popularity, and reaching out to recruit volunteers across the country.

It is currently touring the UK from 31 May to 12 June, visiting 12 locations along the way as part of their volunteer week. As they put it, the bus advertises the ‘world’s biggest and cuddliest humanitarian movement’. The bus definitely looks ‘big’ and ‘cuddly’! The first floor features an assortment of clothes, books and DVDs (and accept donations!), while the second floor (pictured left) features a lounge for learning about volunteer opportunities.


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