My Failed Cruz Roja Video

I went to Mexico…and all I brought back were photos of safety signs.

The sad thing is that there was supposed to be a video.

During our family trip, we drove into San Jose de Cabo for some shopping. On the way, we passed the Cruz Roja building, complete with a HUGE red cross (and, of course, lots of Red Cross ambulances outside).

On the way back, I was determined to get a photo. I got out my iPhone and got ready.

Wait, my brother said. Why don’t you get VIDEO?

Good idea, I replied (brilliance runs in the family).

He handed me his video-capable iPhone, I switched to film mode and — with spectacular cinematography — proceeded to capture a long, incredibly detailed shot of the Red Cross presence in Cabo. Victory!

Uh, my brother said. You did hit record, right?

Ummm…no. I didn’t. And that, my friends, is why you have no video.

The good news is that my awesome cousin, realizing that I don’t share my family’s intelligence genes, snapped a photo at the same time. He’ll send it on in a day or two and I’ll post so that you, too, can appreciate the local Cruz Roja!


  • So that's where you were! (You missed out on the chance to come in for an interview for my class's Peace Prize! 😛 )

    Also- I'm with Scott here. 😛 Many's the time I've gone on some awesome hike or horseback ride, and then come home deeply ashamed because I forgot my camera- and MY cell phone, particularly the camera, is from the Stone Age. 😛

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