Safe(ty) Travels

When I went to Mexico, I brought along books, a swimsuit, some sunscreen, flip flops…and aspirin.

Note that aspirin alone doesn’t make a first aid kit, but I was traveling with my prepared parents and I knew for a fact that they’d have a mini-kit with bandages and much more. In fact, when I got a sun allergy (seriously? that happens?), my mom reminded me that she had a decent supply of Benedryl on hand for just that sort of thing.

Which begs the question — When you travel, do you bring first aid supplies?

If not, you might as well start now. Pack them up, stick the kit in a suitcase and leave it there. That way it’ll be there when you need it.

Need help figuring out what to include?

Check out this “how to” guide from USA Today, as well as this guide for Europe (that could really work for anywhere) from the incomparable Rick Steves.

Bon voyage!

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One thought on “Safe(ty) Travels

  • I haven't been doing much travelling recently- BUT, I never go more than ten feet from my front door without a 200-piece Red Cross-approved first aid kit. 😛 I take it everywhere, especially school. It often comes in handy there, unfortunately!

    (P.S. I can totally sympathize with the sun allergies. 🙁 I deal with 'em too, both in the sense that too much sun sets off a sneezing fit (seriously, how does that work?) and in the sense that my skin burns faster than a piece of paper in a bonfire! Though I'm not sure if the latter counts as a sun allergy. XD)

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