Breakin’ Records, Takin’ Names

Our Wendy (as we like to call her) has the incredible privilege of speaking on behalf of Red Cross social media efforts all around the country.

Sadly, she’s never come to speak in Portland (hint, hint) so this video from the Mashable Media Summit was the first chance chance I’ve had to see her in action. It goes without saying that she’s phenomenal.

Watch live streaming video from mashable at

The best part of the video comes around 15:20 when the Red Cross joins up with the Universal Record Database (URDB) and — what else? — sets a world record. This one is for the most online donations made by text message in one room. According to Mashable, after whipping out their smartphones of choice, the crowd managed to raise $2,210!Great presentation, great call-to-action…congratulations Wendy! And where’s YOUR yellow jacket?

One thought on “Breakin’ Records, Takin’ Names

  • Hi Lise – I was going to post this about Wendy on our blog too, so I might just scoop yours. It's awesome that she was speaking at the summit. And, I'm with you – I'd love to see her in Toronto. I was at a social media conference yesterday and Beth Kanter spoke very highly of her. Red Cross is lucky to have Wendy!

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