World Blood Donor Day

As a Geography wiz myself, at blood drives I often wonder how donating might be different (and similar) internationally. In honor of World Blood Donor Day (June 14th) lets take a peak at blood donations around the world!

(Warning: the following videos feature photography from various aspects of the blood donation process. Viewer discretion is advised.)


Australian Red Cross
Since this blog pretty much loves the work by the ‘other’ ARC, lets see how a donation takes place down under. This video features Australian comedian Aquinia Van De Zandt and Australian Idol Star Rob Mills at the Elizabeth St. Blood Donor Centre in Sydney, showing us what it takes to donate blood. I find it interesting that after a donation, donors are offered tea and biscuits!


Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Blutspende
Here is a rather cute video showing how easy blood donation is in Germany (not very different from in the US!).


Indian Red Cross
This video shows International Red Cross/Red Crescent officials taking a look at the blood donation section of the Indian Red Cross Society Hyderbad State Branch.


Canadian Blood Services
The Canadian Blood Service was founded by the Canadian Red Cross, and they present this very professional quality video taking one through nearly all aspects of blood collection. Follow a blood donation from a Canadian Blood Services clinic, to processing, to hospital, and finally to the patient.


Japanese Red Cross Society Blood Programme
Japan has been known for some very innovative marketing techniques and futuristic donor centers to attract blood donors. Here is a look at the donation efforts of the Osaka Prefectural Government, and what the donation process involves.

What did I learn from all these videos? That blood donors worldwide share in a very similar experience that is actually quick and simple, and for which all these donors deserve many thanks for their efforts!

If you can, please consider donating this summer as donations tend to suffer when school is out and people are out enjoying the sun. Only partway into June, Central Oregon reports blood drives have already shown that as many as 32% of donors have not kept their appointments.