How Fire Extinguishers Work

This weekend, a friend of mine was telling me about buying t-shirts from Woot.

Woot, I wondered? But isn’t Woot all electronics and tech stuff? Evidently I haven’t looked in a while, because there’s now stuff for kids, oenophiles and the aforementioned hipster tee aficionados.

And that’s when I stumbled across this gem, which describes the REAL way fire extinguishers work. Awesome. And only $15!

If you really want to know the ins and outs of extinguishers, check out this resource, which will also freshen up your all-important PASS skills.

Note: If you don’t “get” this tee, it’s probably because you haven’t seen this video. Watch, learn and be careful!


  • From one Red Cross Chapter to another,

    I love you. In a totally platonic work environment kind of way… I sit and admire you guys from all the way over in New Orleans. Whenever I'm feeling low; anytime disaster overwhelms my psyche, I look to you guys and you make me smile. Thanks Red Cross Oregon Trail. Thanks.

  • And that has to be the nicest blog comment ever.

    I can see how, where you're at, disaster could easily overwhelm your psyche. We're glad to provide a little levity and — if you ever want to visit — a dose of Northwest hospitality!

    – Lise

    P.S. Have you ever checked out this graphic novel? We interviewed the author, who's also an ARC volunteer:

  • LOVE it! Makes me wonder if diet cola and mentos would make an effective fire suppressant. At the very least, it has to leave a nice minty scent.

  • Was just looking at your blog yesterday in fact…and suggesting that our AmeriCorps members do some reflections on their experiences before they take off on July 15.

    We've loved having them — hopefully they'll have good things to say!

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