Good Advice

File this under “funny because it’s true.” While tweeting info about emergencies is a great thing, please make sure to first attend to the disaster at hand. [Via failblog. Hat […]

What Would You Take With You?

If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It’s a question we’ve all thought about. And perhaps Red Crossers think about it more than most since we […]

Would You Like Some Candy?

Not an April Fool’s joke we’d recommend, but funny nonetheless. How often does your workplace conduct fire alarm/candy drills? [via Izismile]

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

From the Big Picture Blog… “Fire from a fireplace consumes a staged room during a holiday safety live fire demonstration on December 9, 2010 in Menlo Park, California. The Menlo […]

Timeline of Disaster Relief (1936)

When one hears about all of the activities the Red Cross is in the process of undertaking internationally, one can’t help but question what would happen if disaster struck here. […]

Ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

While looking at the same site that featured the Crank Water Purifier, I noticed a pretty nifty new invention for firefighting. The HPI 1000 Impulse Gun, which shoots out pressurized […]

Mom and Teen Save Neighbors Home

Do you ever wonder how you would respond when an emergency happens? The American Red Cross says that people need to be prepared to respond to emergencies, you never know […]