How Fire Extinguishers Work

This weekend, a friend of mine was telling me about buying t-shirts from Woot. Woot, I wondered? But isn’t Woot all electronics and tech stuff? Evidently I haven’t looked in […]

Safety tips we have learned from LOST

LOST ended it’s epic run last night, and it has left us with many messages. Some are more obvious than others. Target helped point out one major lesson, and that […]

Get a Scoop, Help a Firefighter

Reminder: tonight is 31 Cent Scoop Night! Why do we care? Because we love firefighters. They call us (an average of ten times a week in Oregon!) after house fires […]

What Caused That Fire?

Whether they’re caused by super hot shoes or faulty wiring, house fires happen. And, across the country, the Red Cross is there to help families get back on their feet. […]

Surviving Fires And Hurricanes

Lately, the talk around the office has been all, “Did you see last night’s ‘Surviving Disaster?’” Everyone seems to be watching and getting enthused about the tips and tricks that […]

Imogen Heap: The Fire

What does the devastation of a house fire sound like? I think I just found out. Not because it happened to me (thank goodness), but because I was just listening […]

Disaster Response Update

August 12: Disaster volunteers responded to a duplex fire in outer SE Portland. Two adults and one child received assistance with lodging, food and clothes. Today, mental health volunteers will […]

Fun With Fires And Volcanos

It’s been a while since I’ve checked out one of my favorite blogs, Safety Graphic Fun. It’s an often laugh-out-loud funny look at signage from all over the world — […]