Imogen Heap: The Fire

What does the devastation of a house fire sound like? I think I just found out.

Not because it happened to me (thank goodness), but because I was just listening to Imogen Heap’s new album and was taken aback by a track called The Fire – a wordless one minute and fifty-nine seconds of stark, aching, yet gentle piano laid over the barely audible crackle of flames.

Maybe it’s just my perspective as a Red Crosser, but this fire seems not to be the warming, welcoming hearth of a wood stove. Rather, it’s the kind of flame that has roared through a home leaving nothing but ashes and memories in its wake.

Home fire is the most common disaster the Red Cross responds to. It happens far more frequently than you might imagine. Could Imogen have experienced one? It certainly seems that she knows how it feels to lose everything.

Listen to The Fire – and other Imogen Heap tracks – here.

One thought on “Imogen Heap: The Fire

  • We recently had a home fire, and wish to help others through our experience. PLEASE SHARE with your community. Thank You! – Suzann Brucato

    The classical elements of life are fire, earth, water, and air. What though are the elements of living? Having recently experienced a home fire, our family has learned what those basic elements are … family first, then shelter including clothes and a safe place to sleep, faith in God and in ourselves, and food to nourish both our bodies and our spirits. We have recently published FIRE, EARTH, WATER, AIR, a family literary magazine sharing words and images reflecting our journey … through the fire. We hope they help you find PEACE. – preview available at

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