Get a Scoop, Help a Firefighter

Reminder: tonight is 31 Cent Scoop Night! Why do we care? Because we love firefighters.

They call us (an average of ten times a week in Oregon!) after house fires when families have lost nearly everything. We help the families with food, shelter, and clothing. But we also help the firefighters when they’re on a long, hard job and need food and water to keep going.

We also love ice cream. (Who doesn’t, right?)
So we love celebrating Baskin Robbins 31 Cent Scoop Night – an event benefitting our firefighter friends. What better excuse to indulge in some triple decker “chocolate chip cookie dough” deliciousness! Call it your good deed for the day!

One thought on “Get a Scoop, Help a Firefighter

  • Triple decker choc chip cookie dough! So incredible…

    I do have to say that Fire Fighters play a big role on the blood side of things too. Drives are often held at fire houses. I have a female friend who refuses to donate anywhere else, because of the … … 'comfortable surroundings'.

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