ARC and KGW team up for ‘Live to Give’

I have to admit, one of the things that really makes me smile is seeing Red Cross mentions in the local media. When I visited local NBC Affiliate KGW’s website on Tuesday, I was definitely smiling. The front page was very red with Red Cross spirit!

For the second year, KGW is teaming up with the American Red Cross for the ‘Live to Give’ summer blood drive. After last years’ great success, we hope to collect 40,000 units of blood in the Portland metro area. This is to meet the great summer need, when collections suffer from schools being out, people being on vacation, and the heat- all while there is greater demand for blood from hospitals.

To help kick off the campaign (running from now until August 29th) KGW’s morning show brought Drew Carney back to the Portland donor center to donate on air.

(Not even donating blood can impact Drew Carney’s famous morning energy!)

KGW has developed a wonderful website for the campaign, located at .

Live to Give, Music Saves Lives, Red Cross Racing, Red Cross Rewards… this is certainly the time to donate blood if you can!