It’s the Final Countdown!

Although one can’t help but love Swedish rockers Europe and their famously catchy hit song (which is rumored to have been played three times during a single concert)…THIS final countdown […]

Show Off Your Lifesaving Habits…

Here’s some Red Cross math for you: with every unit of donated blood, you can help save up to three lives! This summer, the Red Cross is challenging its donors […]

“Live to Give” This Summer!

With all the sunny weather hitting Portland, it seems like everyone’s rushing downtown for the “summer at the square” perks. With noon tunes, flicks on the bricks and all kinds […]

ARC and KGW team up for ‘Live to Give’

I have to admit, one of the things that really makes me smile is seeing Red Cross mentions in the local media. When I visited local NBC Affiliate KGW’s website […]