Giving Up For A Good Cause

What would you give up in order to make a difference?

For me, it could be those non-fat vanilla lattes. In one week, we’re looking at about $10…and a lot fewer calories.

Or it could be my insatiable love of thrifting. In two weeks, my frequent trips to Value Village could easily add up to $25. (Hey, used stuff is cheap!)

When people save up their pennies and dimes and dollars to make a charitable donation, they often wonder what it buys. I, for one, wouldn’t want to miss out on a fantastic thrifted dress without knowing what my hard-earned dough will be used for. Agreed?

That’s why I’m a fan of this new PSA, which spells out the kind of disaster assistance that your $$ will buy and proves that just $10 or $25 will make a difference.

As we approach what could be a devastating hurricane season, what would you consider giving up to help? And in this time of saving, would you be willing to spend a little to help others?