Vintage A-Bomb Preparedness

With this summer’s return of Mad Men, everything’s going vintage.

You can make your avatar, buy the clothes or, locally, attend the screenings. And, suffice it to say, Cross Blog is not above jumping on the “all things vintage” bandwagon.

That’s why I’m bringing you If An A-Bomb Falls, a 1951* comic book that explores safety and preparedness. As you can see from the illustration below, the tips aren’t that different from what we recommend today — have a disaster kit and keep food/water on hand.

If you read the whole thing, you’ll also see how to protect yourself from falling debris; shelter-in-place; and drop, cover and hold on (aka “brace yourself to prevent being tossed”) — which is just what we suggest now in case of earthquakes.

Overall, I’m in favor of the graphic novel format to illustrate disaster preparedness (or disaster response, in this case). What do you think? Old-fashioned or adaptable for modern audiences?

*Yes, I know. Mad Men is the 60’s. Shush.