Instructor Training Courses FTW!

Did you know that the Red Cross offers classes that certify community members to become a Red Cross INSTRUCTOR? Some people that go through the program will end up working for the Red Cross and teach classes at our chapter and surrounding areas. Others go back to their companies/businesses/schools where they can hold their own classes to certify students, coworkers or customers under the American Red Cross.
I, the intern (Left: NOT me but you get the idea) have finally and successfully completed the IT (Instructor Training) Course this summer! Which means I now have the honor and privilege to teach people how to save lives. I mean, certifying people in CPR/First Aid is like, infinitely multiplying the chances of myself potentially saving someone else’s life because the more people that know how, the more likely someone certified will be around if anything happens. Which means the more people I teach, the more people there will be around to save ME! WIN WIN! Jk, but only kinda. It’s a good thing to have the knowledge and skills to keep someone alive, don’t you think?
The course took about 30 spread-out hours, but was very thorough and I learned an amazing amount of information, surprisingly painlessly. We have the finest instructors, and my class had a great time!! I’m being completely honest! It was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had at the Red Cross! I was in a small class that consisted of mostly young college health professors, company owners and medical professionals. We laughed, shared stories, cuddled with manikins, made fun of each others drawings, and learned a whole bunch.
The course teaches you everything the Red Cross offers as a certification, you get certified, and then you get certified to teach it! You know how they say that people only remember 10% of what they read, 50% of what they hear and see, 70% of what they hear and write, and 90% of what they TEACH? Yes, learn how to TEACH First Aid/CPR and you’re set for life.