CONTEST: Tell Us #Just1Thing (Again!)

It’s contest time, my friends!
In honor of National Preparedness Month, we’re bringing back our incredibly awesome Twitter contest from last year#just1thing. And, if you do exactly that —
tell us just one thing that you’re doing to get prepared for emergencies via Twitter
— we’ll throw you in the mix to win some super sweet prizes.
Things to know:
1. None of this would be happening without our amazing partners at Oregon Public Health Emergency Preparedness (aka, the State of Oregon).
2. The prizes for 2010 are WAY better than 2009. There are FOUR of them and the value is in the $100 range. Pretty sweet.
3. Anyone can share anything they’re doing to get prepared at any time, but *new this year* each week of September will have a special theme and corresponding prize:

Sept. 1-10: Children
Sept. 13-17: Families
Sept. 20-24: Workplace
Sept. 27-30: Pets
4. All participants are welcome, however only Oregon residents are eligible for prizes, to be awarded via random drawing. [Sorry to our friends across the country and around the world, but this is one of the stipulations since we’re partnering with the State of Oregon.]
And, as always, the contest is free and there are no requirements to purchase anything to participate.
Once again:
To participate, send a tweet to @RedCrossPDX with whatever you’re doing to get prepared and use the hashtag #just1thing.
That’s it! Now go forth and WIN!