FREE PIZZA!! (With Your Preparedness Kit)

You know the joy you’ll get when you take home a preparedness kit, right?

Well, can you imagine the even greater joy when you get 10% off your purchase?
And can you imagine the heart-poundingly unstoppable joy when you discover that you also get to ENJOY A FREE PIZZA?
It’s true. You can feel those palpitations just by going to our website and using the handy coupon code on one of two starter kits. When they ship out, we’ll toss in a coupon for a free pizza or cheesy bread, thanks to our fine partners at Papa Murphy’s.
So enjoy a Hawaiian for stocking up on H2o. Or the Chicken and Bacon for storing extra bandages. And really, who doesn’t like some old fashioned Pepperoni with your preparedness.
Mangia, my friends!