Your Impact. The World’s Story.

I’ve never given CPR in an emergency. I’ve never been on the scene at a disaster. And I’ve never held someone’s hand after their house had burned down. Still, I believe I play a great role in humanitarian aid.As an employee of the Red Cross I get to lay my head on the pillow each night and know that every day I am contributing to a cause greater than myself. When someone asks me what I do for a living I’m proud to share. Yet, with the daily grind of financial development work, the big picture can often be forgotten. I’m behind the scenes, processing financial donations, working with numbers and names, and rarely seeing first hand what impact I am truly making.That’s why I was excited to see the American Red Cross participating in One Day on Earth. On October 10th 2010 {10-10-10}, thousands of participants from around the world will film themselves in an effort to record the human experience over a 24-hour period. One of many causes helping to document the world’s story, the American Red Cross is asking you to tell your Red Cross story. All you need to do is create a sign with a word or two that tells the world who you are and what impact you are making through the Red Cross. Record your name and your sign on video, then upload it to the website (below is my still photo but be sure you get yours on video!). No matter how small you may think your impact may be, get creative and be a part of this valuable social initiative. Join me in sharing your Red Cross story. I’m Miranda Hansen, Financial Donor Devotee! Sign up here: It’s the largest participatory media event in history. What are you waiting for? Share your impact. Share your story.

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  • The still version is cute, but the video version will be awesome. I have no doubt you'll make the final cut.

    Then we can have two famous faces from our chapter…yours and Francisco's!

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