Prepare-aphernalia: 5 of the 10 Essentials in the Palm of Your Hand

Speaking of the New Year and compact preparedness gadgets, I bring you our final “prepare-aphernalia” find of 2010…

I’m going skiing for New Year’s Eve, and I have to admit that I kind of wish I had one of these handy multi-gadgets with me: the Adventure Medical Kits SOL Origin™

It’s prepare-aphernalia for the outdoor adventurer – packaging five of the Ten Essentials of preparedness for outdoor adventurers into one pocket-size, waterproof case.
According to Adventure Medical Kits’ website, the SOL Origin™ includes:

..everything you need to survive outdoors longer! Fire Lite striker emits a powerful shower of sparks to light tinder quickly. Directional compass helps you get back to civilization. With the combination knife, light, whistle, fire striker and fire starter you have 5 of the ten essentials in the palm of your hand.

Plus the case flips open to reveal a Rescue Flash signal mirror that can help rescuers find you if you get lost on the mountain.
At $50 I’d say it sounds like a worthwhile investment for any outdoorsy Oregonian.