Keeping Kids Healthy With The Cholera Song

The other day, I was listening to the fabulous Gail McGovern (we like to call her “GMcG“) share details of some of the work we’ve been doing in Haiti.

While there were lots of facts and figures (see the one-year progress report), here were the ones that stood out to me…
  • The Red Cross is projected to spend or has contracts to spend $245 million in the first two months — that equates to a spending rate of more than two-thirds of a million dollars every day.
  • More than one-third of the tarps and tents distributed in Haiti were provided by the Red Cross. If you laid down all of these tarps from one end to the other, it would cover the distance from New York City to Miami.
  • Hundreds of Red Cross-trained hygiene promoters went from tent to tent in camps in Port-au-Prince to teach people how to prevent cholera. The volunteers provided story boards, demonstrated hand-washing techniques and taught kids in the camps the “cholera song,” with lyrics about cholera prevention.
Whoa. Hang on there.
There’s a cholera song? That you sing with kids? This sounded too good not to have been captured on video, right? Right?
And, thank goodness, I was right. Thanks to the fine folks at the IFRC, we can see the Red Cross volunteers sharing a message of health with the people of Haiti. And you can learn the lyrics to the cholera song yourself (watch for 3:25)!