Keeping Kids Healthy With The Cholera Song

The other day, I was listening to the fabulous Gail McGovern (we like to call her “GMcG“) share details of some of the work we’ve been doing in Haiti. While […]

“I Smelled Like Chili And My Own Sweat.”

Okay, I just became an official fan of our brainy, big-hearted national leader, GMcG (Aka, Gail McGovern).  Yes, folks, she now has a fan club on Facebook. It appears to […]

Legislation Passes; $130M Heading Our Way

We received some very exciting news this morning…I’ll let GMcG share it with you: “In response to our request, Congress has passed legislation that includes a $100 million appropriation for […]

Do You Know What These Are?

They’re rose petals, which we’re planning to throw at the feet of Gail McGovern when she arrives. Okay, I’m just kidding. But there have been lots of semi-joking references to […]