Do You Know What These Are?

They’re rose petals, which we’re planning to throw at the feet of Gail McGovern when she arrives.

Okay, I’m just kidding. But there have been lots of semi-joking references to rose petals in the last few days. Gail’s visit is a really big deal and — since we’re not trotting her out in front of all the local media — this very blog is going to be the best place to get the scoop.

With me taking notes and Robin taking photos, we should be able to bring you some excellent coverage of today’s visit. Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of jiva


  • Roses are nice … my question is: Did you save some chocolates from the picnic for her?

  • I had the good fortune of being in attendance when Gail McGovern met with the Oregon Trail Chapter's Blood & Disaster Services Staff and Volunteers yesterday at 2:00pm. I found her to be both an informed and gracious human being. In my opionion she is the perfect person to ensure that the American Red Cross continues to be a viable organization for years to come. She is also a Great Hugger. Clarence Harper Jr.

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