Recovery 2011

A long stretch of winter storms have tormented a good portion of the United States. The Red Cross is asking donors to help the blood supply recover from effects of severe winter weather nationwide. Since January 1, the Red Cross has been forced to cancel more than 750 blood drives.

It’s hard to make a connection with reports of massive snow and power outages, especially when our weather has been nice. Just to give you an idea of the storms impact, the first time we blogged this situation, the Red Cross was down about 8,000 of units of blood. Next, the number climbed to 14,000, and as I give this update the number has doubled again–reaching 28,000 blood units that have gone uncollected.

If you’re wondering how we can assist people in other states, the Red Cross distributes blood nationwide. Even though our area has not been affected by the winter storms, our support can help those who are affected.

I have personally experienced the heroic efforts of communities across Oregon and Washington, and we can help again by donating blood in the coming days and weeks. To make an appointment, call 1-800-RED CROSS or visit All blood types are needed, but there is a special need for donors with O-Negative, A-Negative and B-Negative blood.

Remember,our winter isn’t over until the third week in March and it’s always a good idea to be prepared.