Prepare-aphernalia: An Empty Altoids Tin

Sometimes the perfect piece of prepare-aphernalia is a $60 complex contraption.

And sometimes it’s a cheap old empty box of mints.
If you are a lover of ingenuity in preparedness, you have to check out the Art of Manliness blog’s post on 22 Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin. Yes. Twenty-two.
First aid kits, miniature emergency kits, emergency candles, a flashlight… it turns out you can make an Altoids tin into just about anything. And this round-up shows you how.
Just a few of my favorites:
First Aid Kit

Pocket Games Chest (to put in your emergency kit)
Miniature Emergency Kit

Mini Flashlight!

Check out the rest, along with links to the how-to guides.
[Thanks for the tip, Teresa!]