Show Your Support for the Red Cross, online and in style!

This week I’m out of town at the Oregon State blood drive, and typically the one thing everyone looks for after a blood donation is the ‘be nice to me’ sticker. Some consider it to be like Monopoly’s ‘get out of jail free’ card* and a badge to say I did something awesome today, and helped save up to three lives!

A little known fact is that you can show this pride online as well. Click here to view a large list of avatars and badges, suitable for posting on your favorite social media site.

In addition there are themed avatars including the one above, “Recovery 2011”, for donations during the month of February heeding the call to action of the National Appeal for blood donors. The latest reports indicate over 30,000 donation opportunities have been lost nationwide due to winter storms.

*The ‘be nice to me’ sticker is not a get out of jail free card. You will need to keep rolling those dice to get doubles, or wait three turns.