Red Cross + Loads Of Hope

I’m a fairly stoic person, but it’s always the heart-tugging commercials that bring me down. This one, for example, always makes me a little teary…

The first time I saw it, I immediately wondered if there was a partnership going on between Tide and the Red Cross. There wasn’t…yet.

But I’m pleased to share that now there is! And I have two things to say about it.

1. It’s about time. The Red Cross is known for providing food, shelter, comfort and hope. And the Tide program not only has “hope” in the name, but there’s no doubt that clean clothes are one simple way to make those affected by disaster just a little more comfortable. Similar goals, perfect match.

2. They’ve got an adorable t-shirt. Sure, it’s got nothing on ours, but as far as wearing a logo goes, this one is darned cute. Vintage-y and in a variety of colors, plus $4 goes towards helping families affected by disaster. Another way to help? Buy the bottle of Tide with the yellow cap.

The partnership comes together in North Carolina this weekend, where Tide Loads of Hope will be at Kore-O-Mat (Fayetteville) and The Wash House (Windsor). The hours of the program are from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. at both locations.

In about a month, the Red Cross has already helped people affected by 35 disasters in 20 states. Sadly, that means there’s virtually no doubt there will be more opportunities to work together on behalf of disaster clients. If you’d like to make a gift to support relief efforts, you can always do so right here.

One thought on “Red Cross + Loads Of Hope

  • So happy to hear about this partnership! Just the other day a volunteer was telling me about the relief they felt when they saw the Tide truck pull up. You never think about laundry in times of disaster, but it is definitely a necessity!!

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