Four (Funny) Reasons To Give Blood

A while back, we gave you a list of why people who donate blood are sexy. But that assumes something — that you actually WANT to donate blood in the first place.

Really, are cookies, juice and a warm, fuzzy feeling enough of an incentive to brave the needle? One Portland donor thinks not…and that a better way to attract donors is to capitalize on our strengths, including our devastatingly attractive nurses and phlebotomists.

Check out his four tongue-in-cheek reasons to give (sorry, no tax deduction just yet and we definitely don’t encourage drinking and donating) — maybe they’ll inspire you to schedule a blood donation appointment yourself!


When people find out I donate blood, they generally ask, “You donate blood?” which is quickly followed by, “They let you donate blood?!”

It’s true – the Portland Red Cross loves to suck my fluids…the following is a list of reasons I donate, and you should too: