Next Big Earthquake in Oregon: Are We Ready?

A question we are hearing a lot in the wake of many high profile earthquakes is if Oregon, and particularly the highly populated Portland area, is ready for a big event. While many newscasts and previous blog posts have featured interviews with one or two experts, there have been few opportunities for many of these experts to come together in the same room to paint the picture that answers this question. On Friday (May 12th) from 6 to 8:30 PM you can hear many of our areas’ experts discuss the topic. It is being hosted by a collaboration of Portland State’s Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, the Department of Geology, and the College of Liberal Arts and Science. The symposium will be located at Hoffmann Hall on the Portland State University campus.

Speakers include – Dr. Scott Burns (PSU Professor of Geology), Dr. Franz Rad (PSU Professor of Structural Engineering), Dr. Peter Dusicka (PSU Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering), Yumei Wang (Oregon Dept of Geology and Mineral Industries Geohazards Section Leader), Bryant Haley (PSU Emergency Management Coordinator), and Dr. Kent Yu (Degenkolb Engineers)

Photo: USACE