Center for Disease Control is Ready for Zombies

This past weekend I watched the TV series “The Walking Dead”. Unlike past takes on a ‘zombie apocalypse’, this series prided itself by allowing the characters to break the wall of unknown and actually interact with the Center of Disease Control (CDC) to try and get answers. As it turns out, the real CDC is better prepared than their fictional counterpart as this week they revealed their zombie plan and released a guide for how you can prepare for a zombie menace.

To start, they suggest having an emergency kit for any disaster and provide suggestions (the Oregon Red Cross has some great preassembled options available through our online store). They also suggest having an emergency plan including where you would go and who you would call if zombies started breaking down your front door (one of the many reasons I love living in the Portland area is that we have many islands to escape to).

As for what the CDC would do, they assure us that they would treat the outbreak like any other disease – developing a network to monitor the situation, perform lab studies, and assist other organizations as they can. This includes identifying the source of infestation and preventing further transmission.

So there we have it: the CDC has a zombie plan and has shown that being prepared for zombies is a great way to prepare for other disasters.

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