It’s Tiki Time!

Every once in a while, my personal and professional life intersect…but never as spectacularly as what’s coming up on July 15-17.

That’s right — it’s time for TikiKon, three fun-filled days when all the beautiful Portland wahines can don their brightly colored vintage Hawaiian dresses (complete with Watteau backs) and dance the night away while sipping exotic cocktails out of one-of-a-kind ceramic mugs. Sounds fabulous, no?
If a taste of the tropics right here in Oregon wasn’t enough to tempt you, perhaps knowing that the weekend’s festivities support the American Red Cross might make the difference. There is no doubt the tiki gods are appeased by this partnership.
Check out the schedule to see what’s coming (don’t miss the home tiki bar tour!) and then buy a ticket while they’re still $10 off. I hear that more than 50% of the tickets are gone, so now’s the time to pick them up.
Mahalo and see you at TikiKon!

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