Shelter Operations Training Opportunity – Sandy, OR

The Sandy Area Community Organizations Active in Disaster identified the need for a Shelter Operations Training and Red Cross responded! “We really need individuals from the local area to be part of our Shelter Operations Team”, said Alice Busch, Sandy Fire District “Red Cross is willing to share their expertise in this area and we are fortunate to host their training in Sandy”.

On Saturday, October 1st from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Sandy Grange, 34705 SE Kelso Rd Sandy, OR 97055) Red Cross will teach two classes, a Shelter Operations class and a Shelter Simulation class.

Registration is as simple as emailing your name and phone number (with ‘Oct 1st Shelter Class’ in the subject line) to: Curtis Peetz at

Both classes are free and are open to the public.

“I think most people are so accustomed to Red Cross being there, they may forget that Red Cross is made up of, in many cases, local volunteers who took the time to get trained so they would be able to lend a hand to their neighbors if ever the need arose. Without this valuable training and others like it, the effects of a disaster can become exagerated, placing needless hardship on those who are already suffering. I am proud of our community for requesting this training and thankful for our partners in Red Cross for providing it” said Busch.

Descriptions of the classes are below. Students are encouraged to attend both classes.

SHELTER OPERATIONS (3 hours) is an instructor-led, basic level course designed to give participants an overview of the American Red Cross policies and procedures for setting up, running and closing a shelter during a disaster. The course includes lecture and group exercises. Its purpose is to prepare volunteers to manage shelter operations effectively and sensitively as a team while meeting the needs of people displaced as a result of a disaster.

SHELTER SIMULATION (3 hours) builds on the information presented in the Shelter Operations course and provides participants an opportunity to practice working with procedures for setting up, running and closing a shelter during a disaster. It provides participants with an opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities required to operate a successful shelter.

If you can’t make this training or are just interested in doing more. Consider becoming a Red Cross Volunteer.