Make Your Halloween Night One-Of-A-Kind!

I generally start thinking about my Halloween costume in uh….late July. Yep, that’s how excited I get about this holiday.

To me, Halloween has the best movies, the best parties and even the best music!

I thought I’d share some awesome Etsy finds to get others into the holiday mood. This Halloween gear is sure to make your scary shindig a “bloody” good time!

Check out exhibit A (otherwise known as the photo above this sentence). How awesome would that blood donor mug be as a gift for your dedicated donor friend? Fill it with red Kool-Aid to up the scare factor even more!

If you’re a lady and looking to have people do a double-take, this awesome “Vampire bite” choker necklace is a winner. Hiss and attack people for extra realism. Avoid the Twilight films.

Every good party needs killer food (and by that I mean delicious, not, you know…deadly desserts). You can have your cake and get bit by it too, with this Vampire-inspired “Bite Me” fang banner! The party just got a little riskier…

Lastly, while not an Etsy find, you can kick things up a notch with BLOOD Concept fragrances, which are as fresh as they come!

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