A little Blog-Love for an Incomparable Three

On Monday in Lake Oswego, a fair at a retirement community represented an extraordinary collaboration between three parties I greatly respect.

Party #1: The American Red Cross
Now I’m a bit biased to the Red Cross, but what’s making me so proud today is the wonderful work of a dynamite volunteer named Vicky Leslie. Her commitment to helping the community is evident as she has worked to bring Red Cross services to a wider audience. This is the third event at this location that she has planned and lead. She is awesome!

Party #2: Carman Oaks Senior Living Community
Disaster Preparedness is important for every segment of the population, but so few communities actually take steps towards empowerment. The management at Carman Oaks has graciously hosted us in several well attended activities for their residents, including discussions on how to prepare for disasters. Few groups are as open to the ongoing conversation that is disaster preparedness. Clearly, Carman Oaks really cares about the health of its residents.

Party #3: Back T Pack
This is a company doing something new. Marilyn Miller von Foerster is a physical therapist, dedicated to her field. Through her work, which focuses on prevention rather than treatment, she is an innovator in health and has now entered the arena of disaster preparedness. At Monday’s fair at Carman Oaks she offered one of her ergonomic packs as a door prize and we filled it with some Red Cross disaster supplies. The wonderful lady who won now has a disaster kit she can manage in an emergency. Thank you Back T Pack for making disaster prep a lot easier.

left to right: Marilyn Miller von Foerster, the lucky winner, and Vicky Leslie

To learn more please click any of the following:
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Carmen Oaks
Back T Pack

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