Infographic Friday!

I’ve read studies
that say Fridays are the best day to send e-mails because people
are sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for the weekend. I
also read studies that say that Fridays are the worst days to
send messages because who wants to read a blog when you can mentally outline
your weekend agenda? Regardless, I’ll keep this post simple.

I’m heading to Bend, Oregon, next
week to give a presentation on social media, and as I was putting together my
presentation, I thought, “this is a really interesting infographic, I wonder
if other people might find this interesting, too?” So here you go. Enjoy and
have a wonderful weekend.

One thought on “Infographic Friday!

  • Love the simple infographic, it's interesting that people expect assistance within 3 hours when in a big event it's more like 3 days or longer. That's why I have a disaster kit so I can maintain until help arrives.

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