Light falls from the sky

This article is part of Tricia Stone’s “What I Like About You” series of practical advice on preparedness tools.

In my last post, I wrote about all the different kinds of flashlights I keep in my preparedness kits and how to safely store their batteries. What if you didn’t need batteries for a light source? Well, two designers in England have created the Gravity Light. This light is powered by falling weight. It was designed for use in underdeveloped countries where kerosene is the only light source for economically disadvantaged villagers. Kerosene is very dangerous, causes fires, noxious fumes and is a continuous outlay of money for villagers. However, the Gravity Light will only cost $5.00 to own and the operation is free. (Select this link for more info and a quick video clip).

The device is attached overhead; the bag is filled with sand or gravel. Lift the bag up to the device and let go. As the weight slowly falls- designed to fall over 30 minutes- energy is generated and the LED light shines. They are also developing a newer version that can also power small electronic devices.

Their next phase is to select 1,000 people in villages around the world to test the device in real conditions and provide feedback to the designers. After they make any needed corrections or improvements, the lights will be available to the villages.

I believe that in the very near future the Gravity Light will be available for us to purchase, and I can get another light in my preparedness kit!