Cascades Region Receives “Silver Sparky” Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Education

The Silver Sparky!

Once a year,
the Oregon State Fire Marshal awards its highest civilian honor—the “Silver
Sparky”—to an individual, non-profit organization or company for outstanding
achievement in fire prevention and safety education.
This week,
the Red Cross Cascades Region received the Silver Sparky award for its work
installing smoke alarms and providing lifesaving fire-safety education
throughout Oregon. Michelle Taylor, senior disaster program manager, and Andrew
Swift, disaster preparedness coordinator, accepted the award at a ceremony in
Taylor and Swift,
along with many other Red Crossers and partners in our area, have worked to
prevent death and injury in home fires by installing more than 4,000 smoke
alarms in Oregon since 2014.

How big is the problem?

The initiative
is part of the Home Fire Campaign, which was developed to address the
significant issue of home fire. On average, the Red Cross Cascades Region
responds to an astounding two home fire disasters every day.

What’s the solution?
In order to
help solve this issue, the Red Cross has partnered with the Oregon State Fire Marshal, local fire departments,
community leaders and volunteers to provide this lifesaving outreach to
individuals and families in need.

Since the start of the campaign, more than 300 Red Cross
have canvassed
more than 12,000 homes to create home fire escape plans, review home fire hazards
and install smoke alarms.

Red Cross will continue to install free smoke alarms throughout the region. To
make an appointment to have smoke alarms installed in your home, call
(503) 528-5783, visit or email


You could be a volunteer.

Be part of this lifesaving
outreach effort. Individuals, faith-based groups, local businesses and
organizations are welcome to participate. Training is provided. To get
involved, visit or email


Other resources.

Take a few moments to
review your family’s escape plan should there be a fire in your home. For resources
to get started,