Where Did A, B and O Go?

Representatives from the Annual Star Wars Blood Drive, Charles Drew Blood Drive, Portland Fire & Rescue Blood Drive, and Local Blood Donors  

_nything missing? A few missing letters may not seem like a big deal, but for a
hospital patient who needs type A, B or O blood, these letters mean life. 

As part of an international movement, the American Red Cross is launching the Missing Types campaign to raise awareness of the need for new blood
donors – and those who haven’t given in a while – to donate and help ensure
lifesaving blood is available for patients in need. You may notice A’s, B’s and
O’s – representing the main blood groups – missing from signage, websites,
social media and other public-facing platforms to illustrate the critical role
every blood donor plays.
sad fact is that blood shortages are not uncommon in the U.S. and other parts
of the world. But they can be prevented when more people roll up a sleeve to
When Blood Types Go Missing

you imagine your child or loved one actually needing lifesaving blood and to be
told there may be no blood at the blood bank? That happened to us two times
with blood and platelets,” said Susie Dotson, whose daughter Lily needed more
than a dozen blood and platelet transfusions during treatment for acute
lymphoblastic leukemia.

Hearing that the hospital didn’t have the blood or platelets
Lily needed – and that she would have to wait for transfusions – was incredibly
frustrating and eye-opening for the Dotson family.

automatically think blood is there. They don’t realize we’re relying on their
blood donation,” said Susie. “Lily needed blood products just as much as the
chemo or the treatment.”

Lily has been cancer-free for four years and will be celebrating her 12th
birthday this summer. 

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What to Expect at Your Donation

Giving blood is simple. Commit about an hour of your day to help
save a life.
Registration: Sign in, show your ID and read the required
information. You can speed up the donation process by completing the pre-donation reading and answering your health history questionnaire online with 
RapidPass on the day of your donation.  
Health check: Answer
questions and receive a mini-physical.
Donation: Giving
a pint of blood takes about 8-10 minutes.
Refreshments: Enjoy some snacks and relax before
resuming your day.

_re the #MissingType p_tients need
Don’t wait until the letters A, B and O go missing
from hospital shelves.
Schedule your appointment to give now.