What to Know Before You Go: Tips for a First-Time Blood Donor

The American Red Cross recently
launched our Missing Types Campaign
to raise awareness of the need for new blood donors – and those who haven’t
given in a while – to donate and help ensure lifesaving blood is available for
patients in need. During the campaign, A’s, B’s and O’s – representing the main
blood groups – have gone missing from signage, websites, social media and other
public-facing platforms to illustrate the critical role every blood donor

The message is clear: donors are needed now to help fill the gaps.
If you’ve never donated before or haven’t in a while, now is the time to make
an appointment to give.

If you’re nervous, have no fear. 
The Red Cross has the following simple tips to get you ready for a
successful donation experience:

an appointment
that’s convenient for your schedule.
* Get a good night’s sleep.

* Hydrate – drink plenty of water.

* Eat a healthy meal including
iron-rich foods.

* Visit our RapidPass
webpage to complete your pass online before going to your donation        center.  Completing a RapidPass will speed up the
donation process when you arrive.

* Relax and remember you’re helping
save lives!

Are you still feeling a
little hesitant?

Give your confidence a boost by
hearing Red
Cross pros share their tips
to prepare. You can do this!

Are you ready to become a
Red Cross blood donor and join the #MissingType movement?

1.  Make an appointment
online or through our Blood Donor App.
2.  Encourage
a friend or family member
to roll up a sleeve too.
3. Spread the word!

     * Take a photo with a selfie sign and post
it to your social media along with the message             “I am the #MissingType.”

     * Write out your name with the
A’s, B’s and O’s missing on the blank selfie sign and
take a         photo with it. (Underscores are recommended. Example: _meric_n Red

    * Share your selfies on your social media and
be sure to use the hashtag #MissingType.

Remember, without A, B and O, we
can’t save anybody.